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Utopian Societies Book Choices: Home

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Speculative Fiction Favorites
The Dispossessed - LeGuin: 24 votes (30.38%)
The Island - Huxley: 12 votes (15.19%)
Sultana's Dream - Hossain: 6 votes (7.59%)
Flowers in the Mirror - Ruzhen: 14 votes (17.72%)
The City of the Sun - Campanella: 1 votes (1.27%)
Red Star - Bogdanov: 12 votes (15.19%)
Ecotopia - Callenbach: 7 votes (8.86%)
Everyday Utopia - Ghodsee: 3 votes (3.8%)
Utopia - More: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 79

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Book Choices

The Dispossessed
The Island
Red Star
Sultana's Dream
Flowers in the Mirror
City of the Sun
Everyday Utopia

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