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"True myths, ancient and modern, stop time because they emerge from somewhere beyond time." 

Phil Cousineau

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 Launch your project with an encyclopedia article that will give you a general overview and lots of key words to start you on your way.

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Next check catalogs to see if there are materials on your topic. Not enough? Expand your topic. Too many? Refine your topic.

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Ebooks, Art and More

Salem Press Online

A collection of Salem Press titles including: Great Lives from History, Great Events from History and more. 

Don't Forget to Cite Your Sources!

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Helpful Websites


An online archive of mythology from around the world curated by academics and researchers. Good background information and visuals.

Project Gutenberg Mythology Bookshelf

Project Gutenberg has compiled a collection of free ebooks on mythology topics. 


A mythology encyclopedia "poking gods with a stick since 1999."


Art and multimedia database that has art with mythological themes from museums around the world. 


Ted Talks

Ted has a good number of short video talks on a fairly wide range of mythology topics.

The Crash Course

A collection of animated videos on myths and mythology.

World History Encyclopedia: Mythology Around the World Playlist

The World History Encyclopedia has created a playlist of mythology videos. 



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