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Resources for Remote Learning

Announcing Library Help Desk Hours! The Library Help Desk will be open for all of your research questions from 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. Monday - Friday. To reach the Help Desk, contact us at If you would like help beyond regular hours, email us to set up a time that works.

For More Online Resources

For more online resources, check and  You need a library card at both to access their databases. For instant access to BPL resources, sign up for an

Try for even more resources.


Database Just Added!!

Just added thanks to the Massachusetts Library System

This database supports student papers, projects, and presentations and provides background and content on subjects including: Government and the Economy, Human Population, Sound and Sound Waves, American Literature, and more.

The password is posted on our password page. Need help or have questions? Contact us at


Meet the Library Staff

Ms. Wallen, Librarian

Ms. Anderson, Librarian

Ms. Donnellan, Library Assistant

Ms. Casey, Library Assistant

Ms. Kelley, Library Assistant

email us at:

We are all here to help you. Just ask!

Access Info 24/7 at Your Library

June is Pride Month!!


All of our online resources are available 24/7.

Our databases may be accessed from the tab directly above this box on our webpage.

There you will find a link to our database page as well as a link to our password page. The password page itself is password protected. If you need the password to the passwords, we will be happy to provide you with it. Email us at Please be sure you are accessing our databases directly through our page as some passwords are already embedded in the urls.


There are several ways to access eBooks & Audio Books through the LHS Library.

  1. Directly through the LHS Library Catalog : The Library owns hundreds of ebooks. Most of these titles were purchased to support the curriculum and are great for projects. You can recognize an ebook or audiobook in our catalog by these symbols next to the call number: &
  2. Through SORA/OverDrive : The Library subscribes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ebook collection that is designed specifically for high school libraries. Most of the books in this collection are young adult titles as well as some adult best sellers. Set up your own account by selecting LHS as your school and entering in your regular school name & password. If you have any problem doing this, email us at & someone will help you.
  3. Through Junior Library Guild (JLG) : JLG has graciously provided its collection of young adult titles to us to share with our students during this time. The username and password are provided at the top of our password page.


We Have Digital Magazines!

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

Read our magazines from your mobile device:

  1. Download the Flipster app from your mobile device’s app store
  2. Select your school “LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL”
  3. Enter your library card number EBSCO user id and password
  4. These instructions only need to be done the first time.  After that opening the app will bring you to the magazines

Additional Databases on Trial!


The Oxford History of Western Music online offers an account of the evolution of Western classical music by musicologist  Richard Taruskin. Since its original publication in print Taruskin’s landmark study has received universal acclaim and numerous awards.


Electronic Enlightenment is an online collection of edited correspondence of the early modern period, linking people across Europe, the Americas and Asia from the early 17th to the mid-19th century — reconstructing one of the world's great historical “conversations”.


The Oxford African American Studies Center provides a collection of more than 20,000 articles by top scholars in the field as well as over 2,500 images, more than 700 primary sources with specially written commentaries, and nearly 200 maps


Primary texts  including writers active between 701 and 1901, plus Classical Latin and Greek authors — from Aristotle, Austen, Bentham, Catullus, Dickens, and Donne through to Plato, Virgil, and Wordsworth. It contains over 1,500 scholarly editions — the equivalent of more than 754,000 print pages.




Looking for Resources on a Specific Topic?

We would be happy to curate a list of sources to help you with your curriculum or project needs. Contact us at We are here to help you.

NoodleTools How To's

Follow the directions below to create a citation in NoodleTools

1. Login to

2. Select Citation Style MLA; format level Junior (our usual default).

3. Create a new project.

4. Create a citation by using  a NoodleTools template; do not use the "Quick Cite" option. Using the template will allow for easier editing later and for use of options including how to do an in-text citation. It is worth the extra minute to use the template.

5. If you are asked to revalidate, the username is lexington and the password is biblio.


Contact us at for usernames and passwords!

OverDrive is here!!!

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