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Lexington High School Library: Home

September Library Hours

Monday       7:45-3:30

Tuesday      7:45-3:30

Wednesday 7:45-3:30

Thursday     7:45-3:30

Friday          7:45-3:30

Help Desk:  781-861-2320, ext. 69151


When can I go to the Library?

You can come to the library:

  • Before and after school
  • From Study Hall needed
  • From class (with your teacher's permission, of course and )
  • From Lunch
  • I Block (sign up in advance)
  • You must sign in at the desk when you come in any time during the school day (not before or after school)

Meet the Library Staff

Ms. Wallen, Librarian

Ms. Anderson, Librarian

Ms. Casey, Library Assistant

Ms. Zeytoonian, Library Assistant

Ms. Donnellan, Department Secretary

email us at:

We are all here to help you. Just ask!

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Things You Can Do in the Library

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Access Ebooks, Audiobooks & Hundreds of Magazines Through Sora!!

LHS Yearbooks Available at Your Fingertips

Thanks to a collaboration among Cary Library, Lexington Historical Society, and the LHS Library, LHS yearbooks back to the 1920's are available 24/7.

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