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Tang and Song China: PERSIA GEM


PERSIA GEM: Aspects of Culture

Political: Related to government


‚ÄčQuestions: What kind of government did they have? Who made the decisions or laws?  How were decisions made? How successful was the government? How did it impact people? How did leaders gain & maintain legitimacy?

Economic: Related to how people make a living and provide for themselves


Questions: Was the economy weak or strong? Did they have material wealth? What was the wealth based on? What did they produce? Import? Export? Who made decisions about the economy?

Religious: Related to a belief in a supernatural power -- morals, ethics


Questions: What kind of god/s did people believe in? What did people believe? How did religion influence other aspects of the culture? Were the beliefs written down?

Social: Related to how people interact with each other


Questions: How was the society organized? Which groups had high or low status?  How were the groups decided? How were social classes different? How were women treated?

Intellectual: Related to education, learning, philosophy


Questions: What kind of information was valued in the society? How was knowledge acquired? What advances were made? Who was able to get an education? Who were the intellectuals or scholars? How much status did scholars have?

Artistic: Related to music, sculpture, painting, theater, literature


Questions: What kind of art did they create?  What tools or materials did they use to create art?  How was art valued in the society? Who were the artists? How did one become an artist?

Geography: Related to land and climate


Questions: Where was the society located in the world? Continent? Region? What was the climate?  What were the landforms? Bodies of water? What were the natural boundaries?

Engineering/Technology: Related to inventions, innovations, math, and science that made life easier and better


Questions: What did they build? How? What kind of technology did they have? How advanced were they? How did they make advances?

Military: Related to soldiers and armed forces


Questions: What place did the military have in their society? Did they expand their borders often? What weapons did they use? How and why did they fight? What were their tactics or strategies? How were their armed forces organized? What motivated the military to fight?

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