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Enduring Legacy of Ancient China: Home

Librarian's Role

As a librarian, my role is to support students and staff with projects. For teachers, specifically, I help organize and find information to augment what they have/need for lessons and project plans--find primary and secondary sources or direct them to places where they may find same. I believe this is the best way for me to inject some of the resources I have learned from and about into the 9th grade curriculum.

There are two areas of focus where I will suggest new primary sources. The first is a lesson around Shi Huangdi and his rule with the key question "Were His Actions Justified? Why or Why Not?" The second relates to the Pastoral Nomads, "How Were Pastoral Nomads Important to the Silk Road and China?--Who Are They?--What Do They Value?--How Are They Different Than Settled People?--Who Are the Mongles?--What Was the Relationship Between the Mongols and China?"

I created a tab for both projects with lists of some Primary sources, based on conversations with the individual classroom teachers about their lessons, with "best use" suggestions for the them.

Intended Audience

These pages are intended for 9th grade World History classroom teachers (these classes are unleveled) to use and take inspiration from.


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