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Essential Questions

How do leaders gain and maintain legitimacy?

How do innovations contribute to collective learning and increase knowledge over time?

How do trade networks change societies?

How do religion & philosophy influence society?


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Start with Theese Online Databases

NoodleTools Mongols Cite

Work with your group and follow the directions below to create a citation for one article that you found today.

1. Login to

2. Select Citation Style MLA; format level Junior.

3. Create a new project called Mongols Intro.

4. Select an article to cite. Hint #1. Your source is from a database. Hint #2. Decide if the article came from somewhere else (reference work, magazine, etc) or if it is original to the database.

5. Create a citation by using  a NoodleTools template; do not use the "Quick Cite" option.

6. Export your citation to Google Docs; copy it and paste it into your group check-list form.

Here's How to Create an In-text Reference

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