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Junior Research Project: Home

Getting Started with Primary Sources

LHS Yearbooks Available at Your Fingertips

Thanks to a collaboration among Cary Library, Lexington Historical Society, and the LHS Library, LHS yearbooks back to the 1920's are available 24/7.

Available from Cary Library - Historical Newspapers

Link through Cary Library databases to Historical New York Times, Historical Boston Globe, & Lexington Minuteman. Scroll. down to Newspapers & Current Events & select your choice.

What is a Primary Source?

A primary source is a document or physical object of the time you are researching. It could be any firsthand account or artifact from that particular time period.

Analyzing a Primary Source

These slides will walk you through the steps to analyze a primary source. 

Dive into Research Here!!

 Launch your project with an encyclopedia article that will give you a general overview and lots of key words to start you on your way.

Consider These Websites

Next Stop Databases

Check Library Catalogs

Next check catalogs to see if there are materials on your topic. Not enough? Expand your topic. Too many? Refine your topic.

More Libraries, More Resources!

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Help When You Need It!!

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