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Science Research: Home

Topic Exploration

How often should you make a chemistry joke? Periodically.

Tips for Reading a Scientific Paper

Tips from the Pros!

If you come across a website that will not let you access information without a "donation"...RUN AWAY!



Databases...Go here first! Then return AGAIN!

Go to these databases for good background information that will help you choose a topic for investigation then RETURN to find resources for the literature review and deeper understanding of your topic.


Chemistry Cat

Chemistry Cat

LHS Library Resources

Noodle Tools and Tutorial

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Website Evaluation

Evaluating Websites

The CRAP Test

Evaluate Websites Using these Criteria

Currency, Relevance, Authority and Purpose/Point of View


  • How recent is the information?
  • How recently was the site updated?
  • Is it current enough for your topic?


  • Does the information add to or support your research?
  • Does the site provide additional links that are also useful?
  • Does the site provide more or less information than you need?


  • Who is the author/creator?
  • What are their credentials or connections to the subject?
  • What institution are they affiliated with?
  • Who is the publisher or sponsor?

Purpose/Point of View

  • Is the information fact, opinion, a spoof or a commercial?
  • It it biased?
  • Are all sides of an issue represented?

(adapted from Rohrbough LibGuide, OSU)

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