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"Political Change" Project--Race: Home

Letter to a Government Official

Start Here! Databases to Explore

Find Government Docs Online

Search Executive Orders from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama in the National Archives here.

Search Registered Executive Orders from Clinton to Trump here.

How Government Works

Find Special Interest Groups

Reminder: Special interest groups and lobbying groups, by definition, have a specific point of view but may also have some good research information. Proceed with that in mind. 


 Government website that gives brief descriptions about types of PACs. On the right-hand side, has links to SuperPACs and hybrid-PACs lists.

    Ten of the biggest political action committees.

Political Non-Profits

Quick of top social justice Political Non-Profits, links and descriptions.

Thorough list of Civil Rights organizations with descriptions and links.


Lobbying Groups

The 20 companies and groups that spend the most money to influence lawmakers. The title says it all.

Top Spenders. Companies and organizations that spend the most on trying to influence lawmakers.

Some Basics, InfoGraphic

Advocacy Resources

Lexington High School Library Media Center