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AP Bio Articles and Abstracts: Home

Tips and places to look for scientific studies and abstracts


All databases work in the same way. They want you to be able to quickly find and filter information to help you find what you are looking for. 

You can filter for: Full-Text, Peer Reviewed Journals, Date, type of document, specific journal, Relevant search terms...always look for "Advanced Search" options, or in databases, side menus  with Limiters that help you narrow or expand your searches.

Remember your Boolean Operators: OR, AND, and NOT.

Cats OR Dogs= Anything that contains either or both terms in the document.

Cats AND Dogs = Anything that contains BOTH terms in each document.

Cats NOT Dogs = Anything that contains the first term but eliminates the document if the second search term is present.


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Be Sure to Cite Your Sources

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Databases to Search

Reading a Scientific Journal Article

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