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2018 Massachusetts Children's Book Award at Hastings: MCBA Books

Massachusetts Children's Book Award 2018

Each year the 5th graders at Hastings School participate in the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award project conducted by Salem State University. Each student must read 5 books from the list below by the end of February, in order to be able to vote for their favorite. For each book read, you must write a short response.  You will find this form on the tab called MCBA Response, above.  If you read and respond to 10 books by the end of March, you will earn a free paperback book at the Hastings Book Fair! If you read all 25 books from the list, you will be invited to a special lunch party in the library. In the past, as many as 9 students read all 25 books!. How many will meet the challenge this year?

You may read a hard copy, read an ebook, listen to an audio book or a read-aloud. All formats count. If you have already read one or more books on the list, you only need to submit a reading response for that book to count. All of the books will be available in the Hastings library beginning in October. They will also be available from public libraries across the state.

Here is the complete list of MCBA books for 2017

Digital Books

The Hastings Library has some of the MCBA titles in digital format! Here is a list of the eBooks and audiobooks we have , as well as a link to the catalog. Remember, you will need your unique username and password  in order to check out the books. Please do not check out more than one digital item at the one time. Books will automatically return themselves after two weeks.

Click here for directions for accessing the digital content.


  • The Blackthorn Key
  • The Forbidden Stone
  • Greenglass House
  • Inspector Flytrap
  • Lowriders in Space
  • Maps and Geography
  • The Nest
  • Screaming Staircase
  • Stella By Starlight
  • The Truth of Me


  • Fish in a Tree
  • Greenglass House
  • The Nest
  • Space Case
  • Stella By Starlight
  • The War That Saved My Life

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