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2020 Massachusetts Children's Book Award at Harrington: MCBA Books

Massachusetts Children's Book Award 2020

5th graders at Harrington will participate in the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award project conducted by Salem State University.

Students must read or listen to at least 5 books from the list between now and early March 2018 in order to be eligible to vote for their favorites in a statewide poll. Students will write brief reading responses to the books they have read by completing the Reading Response link above. A link to the response form may also be found on the Harrington Catalog home page (see sidebar on left of this page).  At the beginning of March, students who are eligible will vote and the votes will be tallied and sent to Salem State University. A winning title and a few honor books will be announced in April.  In addition, students who read 20 or more MCBA titles by early June will be invited to have a prize giving lunch with Mr. Walsh in the Harrington Library! 

How many will meet the challenge this year?

You may read a hard copy, read an ebook, listen to an audio book or a read-aloud. All formats count. If you have already read one or more books on the list, you only need to submit a reading response for that book to count. All of the books will be available from the Harrington library. Titles will also be available from public libraries across the state.

Here is the complete list of MCBA books for 2020

Digital and Audio Books

The Harrington Library is in the process of getting MCBA titles in digital format! We currently do not have any MCBA eBooks and audiobooks. We do recommend you make use of the Carey library and Minuteman network for ordering or accessing these types of resources. 


The List!

Here is a link to a copy of the list you can print out, and use to keep track of the books you have read.

Everything MCBA! Website

Lexington High School Library Media Center