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Hastings Website Evaluation: Introduction

5th Grade Website Evaluation Unit

The Internet: It's a big world out there!

The Internet: It's a Big World out There!                                 

Since you were a young child, your parents, teachers and librarians chose books for your to read, or texts to use in school. Now that you are old enough to visit the Internet, you have to be able to make informed choices on your own.

Can websites be trusted? Not always!

Books are usually written and researched by experts, and publishers check the facts and weed out unreliable information. Nobody does this for the Web!


Power Point Slide Shows

Here are some resources that we will use in class, but you are welcome to review theses slide shows on your own.

Internet Survey

Here is a link to the survey you completed at the beginning of this unit. you may find it interesting to go back and look at it again, during or after the unit. Have your answers changed?