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Sullivan Library at WDMS: NoodleTools Help

NoodleTools Help

NoodleTools Help Page

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NoodleTools FAQs

   NoodleTools FAQs

Q: What is NoodleTools all about?
A: NoodleTools was created to help students with research. NoodleTools formats citations, which help students give credit for resources they use. Students share their NoodleTools projects with their teachers so that teachers can check the resources students are using. 
Q: Why do students need to show teachers where their information comes from?
A: Teachers want to know that students are using trustworthy sources of information. Students should always give credit to the people whose books, websites, etc., provide information that is helpful to their research. NoodleTools helps students give credit to others by creating properly formatted citations.
Q: What is a citation?
A: A citation is the official way we give credit to others for using their work. Citations contain information about the author/editor/contributor, the title of the article, book, or website, when it was published, etc. By looking at your citations, teachers can tell if you are using trustworthy sources. There are 6 citations included on this example of a Works Cited page. Notice the specific way the citations are written (the punctuation, the way some information is underlined, or in quotation marks, or in italics, the unusual spacing). NoodleTools takes care of that for you!
Q: What is a Works Cited page?
A: A works cited page (also called a bibliography) is a specially formatted, alphabetical list of citations. NoodleTools creates a Works Cited page from the citations that students create. Notice in that same example how the 6 citations are in alphabetical order and the spacing is very specific. It would be very challenging to word process a Works Cited page! NoodleTools does that for you!

Q: What else can students do with NoodleTools?
A: In addition to creating citations, students can:

  • take notes with digital notecards
  • create an outline to help organize their notecards
  • create a Bibliography or Works Cited page
  • share their work with their teacher
  • collaborate with other students on a research project
  • create an annotated bibliography
Q: What is an annotated bibliography?
A: Your teacher may ask you to annotate your citations. That means they want you to write a brief summary of each of your sources, explaining why you chose to use them and how they will support your claim. An annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of your annotated citations. NoodleTools will properly format your annotated bibliography for you. (Note: annotating citations is usually something students in grades 7 and 8 are asked to do - not so much 6th graders!)