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Sullivan Library at WDMS: Library Crew


We need help!
Volunteer in the Library one day a week, either before school or after school.

​Download a Library
Crew library crew icon
Application Form (below)



Return forms by
Friday, September 20


Guidelines for Student Library Assistants:

1. School work comes first! Make sure all school work and other classroom responsibilities are met.

2. Behavior counts! Strive to be respectful, both in and out of the Library. 

3. Being responsible is important! If you are unable to volunteer at your usual time please let either Ms. Tanguay or Mrs. Tanner know as soon as possible.


Library Crew
(also known as Awesome Student Library Assistants)

Each year Ms. Tanguay selects a small group of students to help her run the Library. Students volunteer once a week (either before or after school). Anyone interested in volunteering must submit an application form, which can be downloaded (see links on this page) or picked up in the Library. Completed application forms should be returned to the Library no later than Friday, September 20.
How Student Library Assistants Help Us
A Student Library Assistant should be comfortable interacting with others and enjoy being in the Library. As a member of the Library Crew, you will work alongside Ms. Tanguay and Ms. Tanner. Your responsibilities will include: working at the circulation desk to check books in and out, shelving books and other library materials, and helping other students in the Library.
Volunteering in the Library requires certain skills, including being able to alphabetize library materials and understanding the Dewey Decimal number system. All Crew members will be trained to use the computerized circulation system. Students may apply to volunteer once a week, either before school or after school.
Remember: applications must be returned by Friday, September 20.