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Sullivan Library at WDMS: CART Website Evaluation

Evaluating Websites with CART

Evaluating Websites with CART

About CART

Diamond students use the CART method to
evaluate information from websites.

If your teacher asks you to "CART" a website, they expect you to evaluate the information on a website based on the following criteria:

C = Current
A = Accessible
R = Relevant
T = Trustworthy

Video: Evaluating Websites

Website Evaluation Activity

A successful researcher always evaluates information, especially from the Internet. Diamond students use the CART method.

Website Evaluation Lesson:
Using CART to find trustworthy information


Students will work in pairs to
evaluate 2 different websites
using the CART method.

Be prepared to explain why one website is a better resource than the other.

Each pair will use:
one CART checklist & their Chromebook

queen nefertiti

Group A topic: Queen Nefertiti
website #1
website #2


Group B topic: Ziggurat
website #1
website #2