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Roman Emperors: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Suggested Books Available in the LHS Library

937.06 GRA Chronicle of the Roman Emperors

These portraits of the emperors form the building blocks of an invaluable and highly readable popular history of Imperial Rome

920 TWI The Most Evil Men and Women in History

Sixteen essays on the most evil men and women of all time.

937.06 KER The Untold History of the Roman Emperors

The Caesars were the rulers of the Roman Empire, a Republic so large it encompassed parts of Asia and Northern Africa. From Caligula to Claudius, each emperor wielded immense power - for good or for evil, depending on their temperament - over the Roman army and their citizens. This book highlights the lives of some of the more memorable Caesars of Rome and the true history that exist beneath the legends.

920 GRA The Twelve Caesars

Suetonius' classic treatise on the lives of the first twelve emperors of the Roman Empire.

937.06 GRA The Roman Emperors : a Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome, 31 BC-AD 476

Provides brief descriptions of the careers, characters, and personal lives of the emperors of Rome.


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