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Sullivan Library at WDMS: Library Databases

Library Databases
Information You Can Trust

Some of these databases are password protected.
Stop by the Library for a list of passwords.

Ancient Civilizations:

World History in Context

Daily Life Through History (ABC-CLIO)

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras


World Geography & World Languages:


ABC World Culture button
ABC World Culture

ABC World Food button
ABC World Food

World Geography (ABC-CLIO)

Global Issues in Context

World Religions (ABC-CLIO)

U.S. History:


U.S. History in Context

American Government (ABC-CLIO)

American History (ABC-CLIO)

African Am Experience icon
African American Experience (ABC-CLIO)

Daily Life Through History (ABC-CLIO)

Need Primary Sources?
Try These

Massachusetts Historical Society


Library of Congress

Almanac / Encyclopedias:

World Almanac button
The World Almanac

Britannica School

World Book Advanced button
World Book Advanced

English Language Arts:

Biography in Context

Literature Resource Center

SIRS Issues Researcher button
SIRS Issues Researcher

• Multi-Topic Resources:

SIRS Discoverer button
SIRS Discoverer

Research in Context

SIRS Researcher button
SIRS Issues Researcher

News Resources:

NEWSELA button

The Boston Globe

InfoTrac Student Edition

The New York Times

Science/Engineering &
            Teen Health & Wellness

Science in Context
biology icon
Core Concepts Biology

chemistry icon
Core Concepts Chemistry

periodic table icon
Core Concepts Periodic Table

Teen Health & Wellness button
Teen Health & Wellness


How to Search a Database